Future-Proof your Revenue Team

1 November 2017

Herringbone Search’s Managing Director recently undertook some meaty research with commercial leaders at companies worth billions in the media and information sector.

The research is here:

Leadership: Taking Care of Business

Hiring: The Bugbear of Senior Commercial Leaders

We identified three particular pain points that we are able to help with:

  • Making hiring less painful
  • Making hiring swifter (saving 5+ weeks of hiring purgatory and lost potential revenue)
  • Helping leaders, CEOs and MDs strengthen industry networks.

On the last point, many of those we interviewed wanted to hire through their own networks, but it was not their first port of call in reality.

Hiring through networks is satisfying and efficient, but it does require intentionally meeting people when there is no imminent role or gap in the team. It terms of time management it is an investment in the non-urgent, but important. If you get networking right the ROI can be a timely hire into a critical revenue-generating role months down the line.

Many of our clients already request speculative introductions to outstanding commercial performers. We link them with hand-picked industry leaders we’ve spent time with. The goal is to help people connect – and because the calibre of both parties is so high and sector-specific the meetings always add value.

Our treasury of candidates are sales leaders on basic salaries of £80k to £350k, with breadth and depth of experience. This is the fruit of Herringbone having spent thousands of hours researching the industry and meeting emerging leaders and industry titans.

If you would like to meet four high-achieving sector leaders a year, let us know. We’ll work to any guidelines you set us and we will have met and qualified each person.

So if you were to suffer a string of resignations in your revenue team next year, you could already have a handful of high-quality potential candidates in mind – who are fully engaged with your business and who have met you and trust you. You would be able to immediately introduce them to the board and leapfrog those initial weeks of the standard hiring process.

The program is informal and non-committal. Taking measures to insure against expensive gaps in the revenue team does not get much easier than this.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with Ryan Henshaw directly either via LinkedIn or on ryan@herringbonesearch.com