Since 2007 Herringbone Search has been providing executive search and selection services for global firms seeking out top tier executive talent in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Our function.

We are retained to conduct executive search, in-depth candidate assessment, advice on effective succession planning and challenges related to executive leadership talent.

Primary sectors.



B2B Subscription

We partner with technology firms, often with recurring revenue models.

A clear vision.


We value these expertise and work with companies who value it too. It is an art to balance ethics, emotional intelligence and commercial drive – and a skill to drive growth in companies that provide service and employment. It is the frontline of commerce.

An evolving world.


The world of technology leadership has evolved. Today the watchword is authenticity and these experts instil trust and confidence while making the most of market opportunity. Our values reflect this hunger for authenticity.

The team

Ryan Henshaw
Managing Director

Chris Forsyth
Managing Consultant

Roxanne Billones
Commercial Support Manager

“Hiring growth focussed leadership is key to business performance and this is our area of expertise. We work with a range of clients – from start-ups to some of the world’s most prestigious brands – and they see us as part of their team.”


Ryan HenshawManaging Director
Herringbone Search