About us.

For ten years Herringbone Search has provided executive search, assessment and selection services throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America, working exclusively with established commercial leaders.

We offer retained and exclusive search, in-depth candidate assessment, preliminary rounds of interviewing and consultancy on effective succession strategies.

Our primary sectors are media and information, partnering with business information, data and software companies. Our candidates are individuals who grow companies, organically through sales transformation and through acquisition.

Why sales and commercial leadership?

We value this expertise and work with companies that value it too. It is an art to balance ethics, emotional intelligence and commercial drive - and a skill to drive growth in companies that provide service and employment. It is the frontline of all commerce.

The world of sales and commercial leadership has evolved. Today the watchword is authenticity and these experts instil trust and confidence while making the most of every opportunity. Our values reflect this hunger for authenticity.

About Ryan Henshaw

Ryan Henshaw, Managing Director, set up Herringbone Search in 2007 after a distinguished career in recruitment and software and technology sales. Supported by a small research, communications and digital team, their workdays are comprised of meetings with leading media and information firms, coffees with executive candidates, negotiations, coaching and consulting.

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